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Download Cyberfox 52.9.1

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DARFILE.COM – Cyberfox is a web browser built from mozilla firefox source code that is optimized to have a much better performance and a more attractive appearance.

This browser is claimed to have the ability to search very quickly and uses relatively low RAM and CPU resources.

The features presented by this application are almost the same as the features in Firefox, but there are clear differences between Firefox and Cyberfox in appearance. This browser has a dark background color, while Firefox has a bright background color. Dark colors make this one browser seem very elegant and calm.

For those of you who use computers with a 64-bit operating system, the Cyberfox web browser program is ideal for you, which is made by maximizing the power of 64-bit architecture for faster internet browsing speed, and for the convenience of users, this application uses Mozilla source code.

The main interface page has additional options that allow us to easily restart the browser and clear its cache memory.

To configure the web browser, you can access the ‘Options’ feature and use the sub menu to access the various settings you need. Some additional functions that Cyberfox has are: geolocation, Cloning tabs, can change aspects of the download list, and so on.

Download Cyberfox

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