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Download Core FTP LE 2.2.1931

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core ftp
core ftp

DARFILE.COM – Core FTP is an application program that functions for server data transactions via the ftp path ‘File Transfer Protocol’. Core FTP is a software from Windows that includes various features for FTP, which can be used to transfer files from one host to another.

By using a core ftp application program, users will experience the file transfer via ftp path quickly and safely to update website files through port 21.

Why is managing a website via ftp with the help of the Core FTP application program a safe way? Because by using the Core FTP application program you can use secure connection features such as Secure Shell (SSH) to upload files and download files from your website server.

Benefits and Features of Core FTP

Some of the features featured in this ftp file transfer application program are:

  1. Encrypt and Decrypt files, is a security feature in data transactions through the Core FTP application program, because the actual and downloaded files will begin with the process of encrypting or changing to certain codes, then when the file reaches its destination, the file will returned to its original form or commonly referred to as decrypt.
  2. Schedule FTP Transfer, is part of a feature that serves to facilitate users in carrying out data transaction activities. The process will run according to the scheduling set in the application, even this feature is very easy and friendly to use because it does not require any additional services.
  3. IBM Information Exchange, is a feature that already exists in this Core FTP application program, its function is that IBM Service Document TCP / IP users can use Core FTP more easily, because the features of Core FTP are already connected directly with IBM Exchange officially.
  4. Email Notification, is a special feature that Core FTP users can do in order to perform various kinds of commands such as executing external programs and the Trace Route that is included in the Core FTP application program.
  5. View Thumbnails Image, unlike other FTP applications that can only upload and download files but cannot see first whether the file to be executed is correct or not. Now by using Core FTP, you can see thumbnails of files in advance so that in executing commands no errors occur.
  6. ZIP Support, you don’t need to worry about not being able to do many things like using the server control panel feature. Because by using the Core FTP application program, you can protect files, compress data and open data, and can also backup safely via ftp.

Download Core FTP LE

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