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DARFILE.COM – CMapTools is an application or software that plays in the office tools category. Some of you may be a worker or office employee who is a computer or PC user who is actively running and doing all office activities or tasks using a computer every day. Computers become an inseparable part for most people, especially for office employees. Many activities in the office that require a computer in its completion. Starting from typing, printing, and even meetings or meetings in the office.

Main Functions of CMapTools

At meetings or meetings, some of you may have to convey some ideas or concept ideas to your colleagues or maybe to your boss or boss. Many of you may have to explain the idea using presentation-based software or office applications.

Although it looks interesting if it is filled with content that is full of creativity, but sometimes many people tend to feel bored with the appearance of the application or software. Some people try to find other alternatives in conveying their ideas or concepts with the intention that their ideas can be conveyed more. One of them is by using this application or CMaps Tools software.

CMapTools, as the name suggests, is an abbreviation of “Concept Map Tools”. From there you can more easily interpret even better that this software is intended to help you convey the concepts and ideas in your brain so that they can be conveyed to the maximum. CMapTools software is created and developed by an institution based and based in Florida, United States, namely The Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition or commonly abbreviated as IHMC.

Although it sounds complicated, but its use is quite simple and easy to understand. Users can create a new Cmap in almost the same way as you create a new document file in the Microsoft Word application. You will be guided by this software about how to make good and efficient concept mapping. So that it can produce concept mappings that are easily understood by your colleagues and superiors.

One of the other advantages of CMapTools is that this software can be used on a wide selection of operating system platforms that are now popular and widely circulated on the internet, so you can use it on the major platforms without worrying that your Cmap files cannot be opened on the platform another. Then, in addition to the ease of creating Cmap files, you can also modify, change colors, there are also font settings and font sizes until finally the concept printing feature.

This software can also be used by various groups and is not limited to businesses. IT practitioners and educators can also use and use this software to expedite their work.

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