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Download MediaCoder

DARFILE.COM – MediaCoder is an easy and simple software for converting Audio and Video formats, providing all the tools you need to convert multimedia...
free ringtone maker

Download Free Ringtone Maker

DARFILE.COM - Free Ringtone Maker is a Software for making ringtones very easily. Free Ringtone Maker is a free ringtone maker application that is equipped...
gom audio

Download GOM Audio

DARFILE.COM – GOM Audio is a music player application made by Gretech Corp that you can use for Audio files such as MP3, OGG,...

Download Apple iTunes

DARFILE.COM – iTunes is a free application for Mac and PC. This Apple-made software can also be used to play all digital and video...

Download FreeRIP

DARFILE.COM – FreeRIP is an application that allows you to save audio CD tracks to Wav, MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis or FLAC audio files,...

Download MiniLyrics 7.7.49

DARFILE.COM – MiniLyrics is an application to see the lyrics of your favorite songs played by media players like Winamp, AIMP, Jriver, Windows media...

Download AIMP 4.51.2084

DARFILE.COM – AIMP is a very lightweight free audio player, support for playing all audio formats, like Winamp. However, it has a more attractive...

Download Winamp 5.8.3660

DARFILE.COM – Winamp is a Multimedia player that supports various music formats including MIDI, MOD, MPEG-1 layer audio 1 and 2, AAC, M4A, FLAC,...

Download Audacity 2.3.2

DARFILE.COM – Audacity is software for recording and editing audio that is open source so that it can run on various operating systems and...

Download Avidemux 2.7.3

DARFILE.COM – Avidemux is a free video editor software designed for editing, encoding, and video filtering processes. Supports a large number of file types...