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DARFILE.COM – BitComet is a software or cross application protocol between BitTorrent, HTTP and FTP clients. As we all know, the internet today is like a new world that is so vast and almost infinite. Here you can find almost anything you want. You active internet users must have, or at least once or twice, downloaded or downloaded countless files on the internet.

In the process of searching for that file, you may or may often find a download file, but the file is in the form of a torrent file. To download the file you need a torrent client software so you can connect to peer to peer networks and can download the file and BitComet is one software that can help you to download the torrent file.

The Advantages of BitComet

BitComet is a software that is developed or made by a development group or company located in China. The first version of the BitComet software was created and released on August 6, 2003, named BitComet version 0.28. This software is made in the C ++ programming language and is available in 52 languages.

The BitComet logo that is currently used is a logo that has been used for a long time, namely since its predecessor version, version 0.50 until now. In appearance, BitComet has a fairly simple display so it’s not too difficult to operate. You can also create your own torrent files and share them with the public connected to peer to peer networks.

One other advantage possessed by this BitComet software is that it allows existing antivirus on a PC or computer of each user to scan the virus for each file downloaded. In addition, if you are reluctant to physically install this software into a PC or computer, you can download the portable version only.

That way you can continue to use BitComet without burdening the memory or hard disk drive storage that is on your computer by physically installing the software. If you are a user who is reluctant to see excessive toolbars, you don’t need to be afraid. Because the toolbar, status bar and other windows you can hide, so you don’t need to disturb your view.

Download BitComet

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