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DARFILE.COM – Betternet is a VPN-based application or software provider computer or PC or Android. When using the internet, you may often find sites that you cannot access because they are blocked. The site was deliberately blocked by the government because it was considered to have many violations such as containing pornographic content, phishing and malware.

However, there are often good sites too, even though negative content is not indicated but is still blocked. Many users then decide to install additional applications on the computer that allow them to bypass access to these sites. The application or software is commonly called the VPN Provider. One of them is Betternet.

The usefulness of the Internet

Betternet is one of the many VPN provider software that provides services for free. VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private network, a private network that allows internet users to access blocked content on the internet. A VPN network connects internet users in a location with servers located anywhere on earth.

For example, an internet user in Indonesia will access a site that is blocked by the government whose server is in the United States, if the user accesses it without a VPN, the server will recognize that he is an Indonesian user and is not automatically granted permission to access. If a user accesses the site using a VPN, the server will recognize it as a user from the United States, so he can access the site smoothly. That’s more or less how the Internet works.

You will really need this type of connection for example when you have been blocked on an online streaming site, or if you are on vacation and visiting a country that prohibits its citizens from using the internet.

Then also for example when your office or school makes arrangements so that students or employees are not allowed to access certain social media or sites, or even when you are looking for ways to secure your files and online activities from hackers, third parties or government officials. If you are in one of these conditions, then you can try to use the VPN provider application, Betternet.

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