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DARFILE.COM – Bandicam Screen Recorder is an application program that can be used to record activities on a computer screen. You can save screenshots captured using this program in the form of screenshots or videos. Bandicam Screen Recorder is very useful for those of you who want to make presentations, video tutorials, record games, record videos that are played when you are streaming and so on.

Bandicam can record various programs that run on a computer, be it minecraft games, streaming video, youtube, power point, browser, webcam, skype, flash, including desktop computers. Bandicam can be set to record only certain areas or the entire screen in HD quality. In addition Bandicam is also lightweight so that it can be run on computers with low specifications.

Record with a Bandicam Screen Recorder

There are three recording modes that Bandicam Screen Recorder provides, namely Gaming Mode, Screen Recording Mode, and Device Recording Mode. You can choose the recording mode you need, according to your needs. For example if you want to record game play then you should choose Gaming Mode. To record activities in certain areas on a computer screen you should choose Screen Recording. Finally, if you want to record a Webcam or an HDMI device you should choose Device Recording.

When the DirectX / OpenGL window is active, a FPS count (Frame Per Second) will appear in the corner of the screen. If Bandicam is in standby (ready to record) the FPS count will be green. And when the recording process is running, the FPS count will turn red. If you do recording with Screen Recording mode, FPS count will not appear in the recording.

Bandicam can record video with high quality. Can record in HD resolutions such as 720p (1280×720) or 1080p (1920×1080). But bandicam can also do video compression when recording, so the size of the recording is much smaller than other software.

Bandicam Screen Recorder Advantages

  • Can add sound effects when recording is in progress.
  • Can draw areas in the screen when recording takes place.
  • Can add a watermark or webcam overlay when recording is in progress.
  • Can add mouse click effects or animation when recording takes place.
  • Resolution of recordings up to 3840 x 2160.
  • Video recordings are small.
  • The recorded video can be saved in AVI or MP4 fortmat.
  • Can be used to record up to 24 hours.
  • The size of the recording file is not limited.

Download Bandicam Screen Recorder

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