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baidu antivirus
baidu antivirus

DARFILE.COM – Baidu Antivirus is a freeware antivirus that comes with several tools designed to offer protection against viruses, malware, spyware, and other dangerous threats.

This software is reliable for viruses that enter through downloading and safe web pages. All of these viruses enter very smoothly to the PC without being detected with anti-virus and anti-malware. In other words, realtime protection does not recognize this type of virus. Antivirus manufacturers do not remain silent to continue trying to find the best solution to overcome this problem. One of them is Baidu who has developed an effective way to fight cybercrime botnet “Virut”, including all of its variants.

Baidu Antivirus is an easy-to-use and free antivirus software that offers proactive protection, file protection, USB protection, download protection, browser protection, self-protection, and other professional security features.

Baidu Antivirus will protect your PC from infection with viruses, worms, Trojans, and other dangerous devices. Very fast response based on cloud technology provides accurate scanning results and real-time protection for your PC and laptop!

There are several features that become the main weapon of Baidu Antivirus. As a basic function capability, it is supported by Proactive Defense. This feature is able to monitor application behavior on a user’s computer dynamically via cloud technology. Perform real time analysis and eradicate malicious programs directly when detected.

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