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avg tuneup
avg tuneup

DARFILE.COM – AVG TuneUp, formerly known as AVG PC TuneUp and TuneUp Utilities (developed by TuneUp Software GmbH before being acquired by AVG) is a utility software for computers with Microsoft Windows operating systems, AVG TuneUp is designed to help manage, maintain, optimize, configure, and repair computer system.

AVG TuneUp can increase speed and clean computer systems from “junk” files and registry (for computers with Windows operating systems). Actually AVG TuneUp is also available for MacOS devices and mobile devices (smartphones, Tablet PCs) with Android operating system, it’s just named AVG Cleaner, however AVG Cleaner and AVG TuneUp are part of the AVG TuneUp package (suite) so they both have the same main function.

Advantages of AVG TuneUp

1. Update outdated software on the computer

TuneUp Software Updater is the latest and innovative feature of AVG TuneUp, this feature updates obsolete software on computers to close security holes, fix bugs in the software system and even add new features available in new versions of the software. With TuneUp Software Updater, software such as Skype or Google Chrome on the user’s computer will automatically be updated, the user will get a notification every time a software update is available.

2. Optimizing computer system speed

AVG TuneUp feature that functions to optimize computer system speed including TuneUp Program Deactivator, this feature disables software (removes it from memory) and prevents the software from running automatically, this will have an impact on increasing the startup and shutdown speed (including restarting) system as well as the system speed when it is being used. Deactive program is different from uninstalling a program which automatically removes the program from the system, the deativated program can still be run manually by the user.

3. Clean the computer system of useless files

Many useless files found on the computer system including temporary files in Microsoft Office software, Snagit, browser file traces from several web browser software such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, useless files from Windows cache and logs, as well as duplicate photos, documents and other files that will only fill the space on the user’s computer hard disk. Is a feature “Gain disk space” contained in AVG TuneUp with the main function of analyzing and deleting files that are considered useless (user permission) to optimize free space on the hard disk.

AVG TuneUp offers three modes in running a computer system namely, Standard Mode, Turbo Mode and Economy Mode. If the user needs more laptop / netbook battery performance for longer, Economy Mode is the right solution, by activating Economy Mode, the program that runs in the background will be deactivated and the performance of the hardware (especially the processor) will be reduced so that of course battery life be longer with the consequence of the performance of the laptop / netbook to be decreased. If users need laptop / netbook performance more optimally then switching to Turbo Mode or Standard Mode is the right choice.

Download AVG TuneUp

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