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Download Avant Browser 2018 Build 7

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avant browser
avant browser

DARFILE.COM – Avant Browser is a very fast web browser that has features that are an improvement from Internet Explorer. Avant Browser is a browser that is fast, stable, user-friendly, and is a multi-window browser. Indeed, the engine used is the IE engine. However, Avant Browser has advantages over IE.

The nature of avant browser is freeware, made by Anderson Che, a programmer from China, developed by Avant Force that unites 3 engine layouts in 1 window.

Features and advantages of Avant Browser:

  1. Filter Flash Animation: Most flash animations are advertisements. With Avant Flash animation browser can be filtered.
  2. Built-in Pop-up Stopper: Easily deleted unwanted pop-ups with a single click.
  3. Additional Mouse Functions: When you click the link with the middle mouse button, the link will open in a new window.
  4. Multi-Window Browsing: Browse through multiple windows as a whole, All pages can be opened easily at stop, refresh, open or set with a single click.
  5. Google Search Engine Built-in: Equipped with a search engine that is already in the search engine so you need to find a site search engine unnecessary. Search results can be done to open in a new window or in the currently active window.
  6. Full compatibility with IE: related to all Internet Explorer functions, including Cookies, ActiveX Controls, Java Scripts, Real players and Macromedia Flash. Bookmarks in IE will be activated automatically to this browser.
  7. Safe Recovery: When the Application is accidentally closed, all web pages that can be opened easily are re-opened automatically, the browser that is reactivated is activated.

Download Avant Browser

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