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DARFILE.COM – Atom is a text editor software. In the use of a computer or PC every day, you all of course often use a variety of applications or software to help your activities in the real world. You also of course have realized that these applications cannot magically be there just like that.

Just like a meatball that requires a meatball seller to process meat into a meatball, an application also of course goes through a variety of manufacturing processes from various scripts or coding that are processed by one or several programmers or developers to eventually become an application or software that you use.

A programmer also certainly needs a variety of tools and media to help him write the code. That’s why many developers develop various types of code writing software to help programmers. One of them is the Atom text editor software.

The usefulness of the Atom Text Editor

Atom is an alternative text editor created with the intent and purpose to assist programmers and developers in writing code or programming scripts. This Atom text editor was created and developed by a group of leading developers in the field of digital repositories, GitHub which is under the auspices of GitHub, Inc. This software was first released on February 16, 2014.

Even though he is still young, his performance can be considered a patent and can be pitted with his seniors. This may also be supported by the ownership of GitHub which already has a fairly good track record in the repository category behind it.

With its status in the category of freeware, aka free software, free and unpaid and open source, many programmers have looked at this software as an alternative and even decided to use it. Coupled with its ability to be used on various platforms or cross platforms, so users who use Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX can use it well.

One other feature that is also a selling point for this software is the availability of quite a lot of packages or plugins. There are more than five thousand packages that you can use to help write code.

Download Atom

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