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aomei partition assistant
aomei partition assistant

DARFILE.COM – AOMEI Partition Assistant is a sophisticated application specifically designed to help you run various partition management tasks and improve the performance of your hard disk.

Windows partitions are a very useful part of any laptop and computer. Without partitioning, we cannot install an operating system on a computer and never store important files and documents. So it’s very important that we install a good partition manager on the computer. By default, Windows has one built-in partition manager but has limited features and does not have more complete features.

Aomei Partition Assistant offers alternative partition managers that run hard disk and partition management, advanced system optimization, and easy copy wizard to keep your computer running smoothly and faster.

The program is equipped with a simple interface and most features are based to help users take advantage of all the features step by step.

Strengths & Usability of Aomei Partition Assistant:

  1. Change the size of the partition
  2. Create, delete, and format partitions
  3. Convert partitions from MBR to GPT
  4. Copy the partition
  5. Combine partitions into one
  6. Break down partitions
  7. Wipe the partition & Convert NTFS to FAT32
  8. Change the partition label
  9. Change the drive letter and Make a bootable CD
  10. Check partitions and bad sector testing

Download AOMEI Partition Assistant

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