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Download AnyBurn 4.5

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DARFILE.COM – AnyBurn is a professional CD / DVD / Blu-ray Burning Software that supports Audio, Video and ISO files. With this tool you can easily create a disk image and compile multimedia or bootable media.

This program is quite easy to use because the simple and intuitive interface that can be navigated by users, also does not consume much computer resources or laptops.

Some features of AnyBurn:

  1. Burn image file to disc: This means that you can burn an existing image file on the hard disk and then burn the image file into the Compact Disc (CD) media or also on DVD media.
  2. Burn Audio CD from mp3 / flac / ape / wm: This is useful for those of you who want to compile audio cd from music files that are on the hard disk and then transfer to cd / dvd media. Music files that can be used are files with mp3, wma, wav, ape and flac extensions.
  3. Create image file to disc: You can burn directly the image file extension .ISO, BIN or CUE into cd / dvd media through optical driver cd writer or dvd writer.
  4. Create image files from files / folders: Create image files with files or folder folders on your hard drive. Files with any extension can be entered and converted to ISO, Bin or CUE.
  5. Erase Rewritabe disc: If you have pieces of cd or dvd rewrite that can be deleted and written repeatedly, you can use the Erase Rewritabe disc facility to completely erase the contents contained in the CD / DVD RW.
  6. View Drive / Disc information: This means that you can see in more detail about the specifications of the optical drive or media CD / DVD that you have.

Download AnyBurn

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