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Download Android Studio 3.5.2

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android studio
android studio

DARFILE.COM – Android Studio is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) software specifically designed for Android software development. Android Studio is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux based operating systems. Android Studio replaces Eclipse Android Development Tools (Eclipse ADT) as the main IDE for native Android application development.

The goal of Google officially providing Android Studio is to accelerate the development of Android software and help developers to produce high-quality applications for each Android device. Android Studio offers a variety of tools including a feature-rich code editor, debugging, testing with emulators of various Android devices and profiling tools which will certainly be very useful to facilitate the development of software that is compatible with various versions and variations of Android devices.

The advantages of Android Studio

1. Code and iteration faster than before

Android Studio is built on the basis of IntelliJ IDEA, an integrated Java IDE developed for computer software by JetBrains (formerly called IntelliJ), which allows for faster coding and repetition. The code editor on Android Studio helps developers to type code better, faster, and more productively by offering ‘advanced code completion’, ‘refactoring’, and ‘code analysis’.

2. Android Emulator that is tough and rich in features

The ‘Instant Run’ feature on Android Studio is able to apply code and resource changes directly to the software so that testing can be done quickly. Suitable for use by developers who often try out the software on the emulator without having to restart the emulator or rebuild the APK file.

The ‘Android Emulator’ feature allows developers to install and run software that they develop faster and can be configured to emulate various Android devices such as smartphones, tablets, Android Wear, and Android TV. You can also simulate a variety of hardware features such as GPS location, hidden networks, motion sensors, and ‘multi-touch input’.

3. Integrated with GitHub for job support

Android Studio is integrated with a version control system, such as GitHub (or ‘git’ only), so that software development projects can be carried out together and in harmony with fellow team members. That makes Android Studio flexible in building systems, you can configure software projects that you develop to include local (internal) libraries or libraries stored on the host, and determine build variants that include different source code.

4. Accompanied by code templates and application examples

Android Studio includes project templates and code that makes it easy for you to add ‘drawer navigation’ features, ‘view pager’ and many more. You can also start the project with template code or even choose an API in the editor and select ‘FindSample Code’ to search for sample applications. Additionally, you can import fully functional applications from GitHub.

Android Studio fully supports editing C / C ++ project files so you can quickly build JNI components in your application. In addition, Android Studio is integrated with Firebase and Cloud to be able to add services such as Analytics, Authentication, Notifications, etc. with a step-by-stem procedure (wizard) in Android Studio. Integrated tools for the Google Cloud Platform also help integrate Android applications with services such as Google Cloud Endpoints and project modules specifically designed for Google App Engine.

Download Android Studio

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