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DARFILE.COM – AIDA64 is a software as well as an information system that is used to diagnose and audit applications that run on computer and mobile devices. Computer and mobile devices that are currently becoming devices that are very difficult to separate from our lives are actually devices that also consist of a collection of various kinds of hardware and software that support their performance.

We as users of these devices may also have periods where they want to upgrade so that computer specifications become more qualified. But before upgrading, it’s a good idea to benchmark the computer so that we know the true contents of our computer, so of course we won’t be wrong when upgrading.

The usefulness of AIDA64

There are several applications or software that can be used to perform the benchmarking process. One application that can be used is AIDA64. The AIDA64 application was created and developed by a Hungarian software developer named FinalWire, Ltd. By using AIDA64, you can see detailed information from component components on the computer.

The AIDA64 application has several key features that will be very useful for its users. One of the main features in this application is the ability of AIDA64 to be able to display various information and hardware conditions that are in the computer.

We can see detailed information related to the hardware. In addition to hardware, AIDA64 also allows users to be able to see in-depth information related to the operating system and various software that is on each computer. Then there is also information related to security that applies to the security system on the computer.

In addition to information about the above, AIDA64 also provides features that allow users to conduct comprehensive tests on the performance of the CPU, FPU and storage media installed on the computer.

This can be used by users to find out how far the performance of these components can also be used as a comparison with the performance of other systems. In addition to testing core components, AIDA64 can also be used to test cache and memory (RAM), hard disk hard drive testing, flash drives and also optical drive testing that supports RAID.

There are still many other tests and measurements that can be done by AIDA64 such as Uptime and Downtime measurement, monitor screen diagnostics to see the capabilities of CRT or LCD screens, and so on. Various tests and tests can certainly be used by users for various purposes such as when upgrading components for example.

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