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Download Advanced Renamer 3.85

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advanced renamer
advanced renamer

DARFILE.COM – Advanced Renamer is software that is used to rename multiple files and folders in bulk / together.

To rename a file / folder on a PC / Laptop computer is very easy. You can right-click the file and then click the Rename menu, or by pressing the F2 key on the keyboard. But it is different if you have to change the name of the file / folder more than one or even thousands of files / folders, of course it will be troublesome if you have to change or set the name of the files using the usual method.
To be more efficient, we can use certain software that is specific to the work of renaming files (at once), such as the Freeware Renamer freeware application.

Advanced Renamer also supports undo changing batch names to reverse the process and cancel your renaming job if you ever rename files with the wrong name due to an error.

The thing that we often face when there are thousands of songs that we will rename into dzone karaoke software format, then this software is the solution.

It’s easy to handle batch work by using several methods on a large number of files. There are 13 different methods that allow you to change the name, attribute, and timestamp of a file and can be copied or moved to a new location based on information in the file.

You can create new file names by adding, deleting, changing, changing cases, or providing new file names based on file information.

Before carrying out operations on the file by first verifying the output destination of the rename file and you can cancel the batch as before.

Advanced Renamer is able to handle all kinds of files such as Image File / Image / Photo, GPS Data, Music and Video Files.

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