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7 sticky notes
7 sticky notes

DARFILE.COM – 7 Sticky Notes is a desktop software for creating free notes that creates Sticky Notes directly on the Desktop of Your Laptop and Computer. Writing a schedule of daily activities is one of the keys to productivity. With a regular daily schedule, we become better able to manage time, train discipline, and determine the priority scale of each activity. The easiest way of course is to make a memo.

With increasingly sophisticated technology, various applications are offered to facilitate human work. And one of them is sticky notes, an application designed to store notes. Indeed, manual notes have more value because of their portable nature, but for those of you who are always dealing with laptops or computers, writing notes using sticky notes is the fastest choice.

Sticky notes are somewhat more practical than Notepad, which must be stored first. If we use sticky notes, the notes we make will be automatically saved automatically. Similarly, when we are editing and deleting it, the note will also immediately change. And one sticky note that you can try is 7 Sticky Notes.

Usage 7 Sticky Notes

Just like the function of sticky notes in general, 7 Sticky Notes is a software that functions to make notes. Most people use sticky notes as a reminder note or to write a daily schedule of activities. Although Windows itself has been equipped with sticky notes, but many feel that the sticky notes are not very influential because it looks plain so many people ignore it.

Because of that, 7 Sticky Notes comes with an attractive design and appearance, so users don’t get bored easily and can immediately notice when looking at the front screen of Windows. In addition, 7 Sticky Notes are also equipped with various interesting features.

Feature 7 Sticky Notes

1. Windows Configuration Notes

Unlike Windows default sticky notes that seem simple and plain, 7 Sticky Notes is equipped with formatting menus that give our experiences and opportunities to be creative with writing to make it look more attractive. In this menu, there are several tabs, such as font, font color, font size, style notes, and alarm.

2. Notes Manager

With the presence of Notes Manager, 7 Sticky notes can help us to organize the memos that we have made. We can freely delete, edit, and make memos through this feature. The memo that we delete will be put in the recycle bin so we can still access it again.

3. Date and Time to make a Memo

Compared to ordinary sticky notes, this feature is one of the advantages of 7 Sticky Notes. We can find out the date and time of the memo that was made earlier.

4. Theme Variations

As the name implies, 7 Sticky Notes has 7 variations of background themes, namely yellow, green, pink, purple, red, white, and blue.

Just like the software lately, the 7 Sticky Notes application is also easy in terms of installation. We can install it directly to the desktop, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

If the 7 Sticky Notes application is already installed, to make new notes, we only need to press the shortcut key, which is Windows left + Z. To show and hide notes, press the left Windows key + X. While to bring up Notes Manager, press the Windows left + N.

Download 7 Sticky Notes

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