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DARFILE.COM – 3DMark is an application or software that can be used as a guide to benchmarking graphics card devices on your computer. As a tool, a computer or PC is no longer underestimated with only a few functions, now almost all activities you can do on a computer.

Besides doing serious things like office activities, or programming, you can also do various relaxing things to refresh your brain like multimedia or gaming activities.

Even just to do ‘casual’ activities, without your knowing your computer is not that relaxed in processing these activities, especially for gaming. Your computer will need a capable graphics card to process each of your games.

The usefulness of 3DMark

To see if your computer is capable of running a game or game, you should first check whether the graphics card that is in your PC is compatible and supportive. One tool or application that you can use is 3DMark. 3DMark is an application that is used as a tool to calculate and determine the rendering performance of a 3D graphics card and the ability to workload and CPU processing.

3DMark is one of the flagship products of a software development company that produces a variety of computer benchmarking software for a variety of home and business users. With its main office in Finland, the company also has a marketing office in California, United States. In October 2014 the Futuremark company was acquired by UL. Until now 3DMark is their most successful product and is widely used by gaming users and overclockers.

By using 3DMark you will be able to accurately see various hardware statuses that are in your computer. 3DMark will automatically scan or scan your hardware or hardware and will recommend the best benchmarks for your PC hardware. 3DMark developers seem to realize that technology is not a stagnant science. Therefore they are always developing 3DMark to be better over time.

Even so, you can also determine what tests you want to be implemented on your PC. 3DMark will also provide various accurate charts and tables to illustrate the state of your PC’s hardware cereal and as much detail as possible when the benchmark is running. The diagram shows how the temperature of your CPU and GPU, how the clock speed and many other things.

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