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Download 360 Internet Security 5.0.0

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360 internet security
360 internet security

DARFILE.COM – 360 Internet Security is Antivirus plus internet security that is easy to use to guarantee your Laptop / PC is free from Trojan horses, viruses, worms, adware, and other dangerous threats.

360 Internet Security is a real time protection that is able to prevent intrusion and block threats that might pass through the layer of security or Firewall that guards your PC.

Use 3 antivirus engines to guard your system from the latest threats. By combining the power of 360 cloud-based checksum engines, the QVM cloud system, and the award-winning local machine BitDefender, 360 makes a stronger antivirus system that has never been created before and protects your personal information from online transaction crimes such as unauthorized keyloggers and webcam access programs steal your personal information.

This program works proactively to alert you when suspicious programs try to access critical system resources such as system settings, startup programs, and system directories. Browsing security and privacy protection are very important.

The main features of 360 Internet Security:

  1. Detect & block viruses.
  2. Secure shopping, banking & social networking.
  3. Block phishing sites & dangerous URLs.
  4. Maintain personal data identity.
  5. The program runs in the sandbox so that it is isolated from the system to increase security.
  6. Remove traces left by web browsing, documents and cache.

Download 360 Internet Security

Download the latest Free 360 Internet Security by clicking the button below.

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